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Thomaston History

Around 1830, settlers from the Carolinas and Virginia came to this area in search of fertile land. They staked their claims to adjoining plantations adjacent to what became Thomaston. In 1890, Dr. Charles Brooks Thomas bought the plantation where Thomaston is located. He was a man of vision and it was his greatest ambition to convert his land into a thriving town. In 1892, Dr. Thomas was appointed postmaster and the community was named Thomaston in his honor. The Town of Thomaston was incorporated in February, 1901 with a population of 51 people and Dr. Thomas as the first Mayor. The railroad came to town the same year. Dr. Thomas then had the land surveyed and laid out the town. Planters Bank and Trust Company was established in 1914. Telephone service began in 1914 and electricity came in 1929.  In 1949, the town limits were extended and the population jumped to over 1000. With the population growth, the town installed streetlights and the streets were paved and marked. A water system was installed and a volunteer fire department was organized. Beginning in the 1950’s, a yearly barbeque was held serving “Good Ole Thomaston Barbeque”. 


A Place We Call Home

There is small town history in Thomaston Alabama.  Today we continue the tradition of being a close community and value our small town.  The phrase "Where a small town is like a big family" demonstrates truth here in Thomaston.  

1983 Thomaston, Alabama tour

This tour of Thomaston, Alabama was narrated by Bo Drake and filmed by John Grice. Music by Tony Drake.